Nished your stunning diamond painting. Each square is finally stuffed, and you are admiring your own creation.

Regardless of the extended hours of effort, your work is not finished yet. At this time, you want to further enhance your masterpiece. That is when we get to the last step of the diamond painting process: sealing.

Diamond beads can frequently fall off the canvas over time. The only way to keep this from happening is to use a loofah. The sealant can also stiffen your painting up, giving it a structure. This will make it easier to mount someplace and store it without damaging the painting.

In this guide, we’ll outline some strategies to help you get through the last process of finishing your diamond painting.

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Here are a few these materials you’ll be having to place on the sealant:

If you are feeling confused about where to get these critical tools, we strongly recommend you have a peek at the Diamond Painting Tools Total Kits. They supply you with the supplies that you’ll want in each stage of your diamond painting process, from setting up the beads into refining it using the sealer.

The type of sealant you receive is up to you. However, we urge a paste that remains clear upon drying as the sort of adhesive you use could make your paint with diamonds seem less shiny. Feel free to experiment with different glues!


Remove air bubbles involving the diamonds. Together with your roller, press firmly but gently onto all sections of the diamond painting.
Eliminate the extra dust and wax particles between the diamond beads. You can do this by first scrubbing a toothbrush or using a fuzzy fabric to get between the cracks.
Further refine the particulars using a set of tweezers.

STEP 3 – APPLYING THE SEALANTthere are various types of sealants and techniques, and you can select whatever you prefer!

Glue glue. Dip your paintbrush in the paste and paint a generous layer on top of your painting – although not too much, since it might lower the shine of your own painting.
Paste sticks. Apply this kind gently and completely pay for the painting, adding on layers till you’re satisfied.
Spray glue.


If your painting has both diamond beads and regular paint, then set the glue only within the bead beads. As soon as you’re done with the initial layer, apply a second or next before you’re satisfied.
Be sure you’re pleased with the end product! Remember, everything you see is what you may get. Once you put on the sealant, there’s no going back, so you need to be certain that your masterpiece appears perfect.
Analyze your painting for any rogue pixels which feel out of place or do not match the general color scheme. This is your art after all, and you get to decide what looks good and what does not!
If you are frightened of your painting may look with the finish, try putting the glue over a small part of your diamond painting.


Most glues will only be successful for a definite length of time, thus you are going to have to repeat this procedure every 3 decades or so.

Additionally, make certain you dust your painting frequently as dust can still get in between the cracks of your beads when on screen for extended intervals.

Diamond painting is comparatively new in the realm of the arts and craft. If you’re reading this, then you also are surfing on this fresh wave of popularity surrounding diamond painting. Do not be afraid to get creative and be sure that you’re having fun!

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