Winter is coming. Yes folks, autumn is already here. And, the truth is, I love it. I love autumn and winter. Some will think, “Of course, as you live in the Canary Islands …” Well, with regard to that, I just have to say that there is a lot of climatological ignorance regarding the Canary Islands. Here, it is also cold.

Well, climate debates aside, we are going to what we are interested in are the coats that will be worn this season. The first and fundamental thing is to know that the right coat is an outfit in itself. In addition, styles do not usually vary, so if you can go with a collection of quality, it will be something you have for a lifetime.

What they are and how it is carried:

The trench

It is not clear who the creator was. The truth is that Burberry reinvented it in 1901 for the army. And, well, to this day. The trench is one of those versatile pieces that stick with any look, it does not matter if you wear it with a suit or jeans. It always looks good

My advice when buying it is, of course, that it fits in the shoulders and it does not look like your father lent it to you. And, second, that the length is up to the middle of the thigh. Be careful, if you are normally going to wear it with a suit, the ideal is that when you go to buy it, take the suit jacket with you. It is essential to know that the trench will fit well because if not, you will have the same mobility in your arms as a playmobil. Make sure the sleeve of the trench is one centimeter longer than the sleeve of the blazer.

For smart-casual looks, combine sweater, blue striped shirt, chinos and the Anaga belt.

Smart-casual look with blue chinos, blue whole anaga belt, blue striped shirt and pullover

The sheep

Last year we already did a post talking about inspiration … Sheepskin. As I said before, Sheepskin coat are always the same, so invest well once and you’ll have it for life. The sheep usually looks good with many types of fabrics, but not with all styles. My advice is do not try to combine it with a suit; I personally do not like anything. It’s best to combine it with casuals or with Chinese looks like here: turtleneck jersey, white sneakers and as a final touch, the GaroĆ© belt.


One of the most casual coats we’ll talk about today. My advice when it comes to sharing one is that you do not buy it too tight. The reason is that you’re going to put on several layers of clothes. Wear it with sweater, jeans, the color touch of the Tauce belt and boots.

The parka

My dear parka. Another of those coats inherited from the army and that have done so much good for men’s fashion – and feminine – in general. This is a coat that everyone should have in their closet. The best combination is with jeans, sneakers and the intense blue of the Igara belt.

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